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Pastor's Blog
“A Gracious Reminder”
Pastor Joel Fairley | May 6, 2012

A Gracious Reminder  Once in a while we need to be reminded of the reason why we participate in the
Lord’s supper as a Family of God.
“Palm Fronds and Tables”
Pastor Joel Fairley | April 1st, 2012

On The Way Calvary – Palm Fronds and Tables Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday
was a day filled with wonder.  “Hosannas” filled the air to Jesus the King who came in peace, and then
demonstrated in the Temple his authority by reminding us of how we should treat what belongs to His father
“A Breakfast with Jesus”
Pastor Joel Fairley | April 15th, 2012

A Breakfast with Jesus After a night of fishing, a miracle catch, and a satisfying breakfast, Peter declared to Jesus
that he loved Him… and Jesus restored him to the purpose of caring for His sheep. If we say we love our Lord,
then we are charged with caring for what JesusS loves.
“With a Stretch of His Hand”
Pastor Joel Fairley | April 22nd, 2012

A Stretch of His Hand When Jesus asked the man who had a withered hand to stretch it out He was making a
statement for the Kingdom of God. When God asks us to stretch out our Faith in Him, it is to make a statement for
the Kingdom of God.
“A Gospel Home Companion”
Pastor Joel Fairley | April 29th, 2012

A Gospel Home Companion News from Lake Galilee
The Lost Parables Part 4: The Other Lost Boy
Pastor Joel Fairley | March 4th, 2012

The Lost Parables in Luke 15, give us a glimpse of what the grace of God looks like. In the story of the Prodigal
Son, we find that the Elder brother is one who is equally in need of God’s loving grace.
“To Be Known in a Sycamore”
Pastor Joel Fairley | March 11th, 2012

On The Way Calvary - To Be Known in a Sycamore In the story of Zacchaeus we see a man climb a tree in order
that he might see who Jesus is. When he did this he also put himself in a position for Jesus to see him and when
he did his life was changed forever.  
“The Amazing Alabaster Box”
Pastor Joel Fairley | March 25, 2012

On The Way Calvary – The Amazing Alabaster Box When Jesus was anointed in Bethany, an
extravagant gift of love was bestowed upon Him through an Alabaster Box.  In a short time later,  Jesus
would bestow upon the world His own extravagant  gift of Love through His death on a cross.
“The Way of the Cross” February 5, 2012
Pastor Joel Fairley | February 5th, 2012

The Way of the Cross Isaiah 53 reminds that the suffering and death of Christ was done for us. It reminds us of all
that Jesus in the Way of the Cross. We do not get to be indifferent or luke-warm about what about Christ has
done on our behalf.
The Lost Parables Part 1
The Lost Sheep: The Value of the One
Pastor Joel Fairley  February 12th, 2012

The Lost Parables in Luke 15, give us a glimpse of what the grace of God looks like. In the story of the lost sheep
Grace looks like a shepherd who leaves the 90 and 9, to find and bring back the one who was lost because of its
value to Him.
The Lost Parables Part 2
The Lost Coin: The Incomplete Set
Pastor Joel Fairley  February 19th, 2012

The Lost Parables in Luke 15, give us a glimpse of what the grace of God looks like. In the story of the Lost Coin,
Grace looks like a woman who when she discovers that she has lost one of the 10 coins representing her dowry,  
searches every corner of her home diligently until she finds it. She then rejoices at its finding because her set is
now complete.
The Lost Parables Part 3
The Lost Boy
Pastor Joel Fairley  February 26th, 2012

The Lost Parables in Luke 15, give us a glimpse of what the grace of God looks like. In the story of the Lost Boy,
Grace looks like a Father who eagerly waits for his son and greets him with great love and joy when the Prodigal
comes home.
To Live in High Places: “Like the Wings of an Eagle”  
Pastor Joel Fairley | January 8th, 2012

As Christians we are called to standard of life that is like that of Christ.  This is our Destiny and when we in God’s
hands, He will bring us to that place where we can soar on wings like Eagles… for His Glory
To Live in High Places:
“On the Wings of Prayer and Praise”
Pastor Joel Fairley | January 15th, 2012

We find our way to our God given destiny in Christ, on the balanced wings of Prayer and Praise
To Live in High Places: “On the Wings of Freedom”
Pastor Joel | January 22, 2012

Eagle Christianity calls us to live a life of true freedom in Christ Jesus.
“Another Jar”
Pastor Joel Fairley | May 13, 2012|

Another Jar   Elisha the prophet instructed a widow and her sons to gather as many as they could to fill
with her meager supply of oil. The oil flowed as long as there were vessels to fill. What are we going to
give God to fill up and pour out?
“A Passage Through India”
Pastor Joel Fairley | May 20, 2012

Pastor Joel shares His experiences in India.
"Out of the Box"
Pastor Joel Fairley | May 27th, 2012|

Out of the Box  On the day of Pentecost, God sent His Holy Spirit upon Humanity. From that day on, all
Christians have been given the power to live a life out of the Box.
“When We Can’t Remember Anything”
Pastor Joel Fairley | June 3, 2012

When We Can’t Remember Anything    One of the Key characteristics of the Holy Spirit is to bring to
memory those things in Christ which remind us of what God has done already in our life, and what He is
building in us through His word for the Kingdom of God.
“The World Has Been Served”
Pastor Joel Fairley | June 10, 2012

Often we feel the coming of the Holy Spirit was to benefit Christians, and give us what we need for
ministry. But the Holy Spirit has come for the whole world, and what He gives to those who are not a part
of the Body of Christ, is conviction.
“Much to Say”
Pastor Joel Fairley | June 17, 2012

In John chapter 16, Jesus declared that the Holy Spirit will come to reveal all truth, that which is real and
certain. As the third person of the Trinity the Holy Spirit continues to bring us into the truth of deep
fellowship with God.
“Sealed by the Spirit”
Pastor Joel Fairley | June 24, 2012

When we give our lives to Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to seal and make the relationship permanent,
and insures our inheritance in Him.
“Sealed by the Spirit”
Pastor Joel Fairley | June 24, 2012

When we give our lives to Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to seal and make the relationship permanent,
and insures our inheritance in Him.
“The Great Gift of Freedom”
Pastor Joel Fairley | July 1, 2012

The freedom that comes from Christ is that which breaks the bonds of slavery to sin, and releases us
into the great riches of His Grace.
“The Fourth Man”
Pastor Joel Fairley | July 8, 2012

In the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego we are shown that God honors His Faithful with His
presence, even in the most hellish of places.
“The State of the Church”
Pastor Joel Fairley | July 15, 2012

After a year, where are we as a church, and what is our response to the blessings from the Lord that our
“When the Mind is right”
Pastor Joel Fairley | July 22, 2012

Jesus was the answer for a man filled with a multitude of demons. Jesus was the answer for this former
crazy man. Jesus is the answer for today’s craziness.
"A Gospel Home Companion”
Pastor Joel Fairley | July 29, 2012

A Gospel Home Companion  News from Lake Galilee
"Lessons from a Life Verse”
Pastor Joel Fairley | August 5th, 2012

In Galatians 2:20 we learn who we are in Christ.
“Did we forget who was sleeping in our boat?”
Pastor Joel Fairley | August 12th, 2012

Lessons from a Life Verse   I love the story in Bible when Jesus calms the Sea. Even when the disciples
thought that Jesus was indifferent to their peril by sleeping through the storm, He was still in charge.
“Standing on the Shores of Destiny”
Pastor Joel Fairley | August 19th, 2012

When Moses led God’s people out of Egypt, the only thing standing between them and their destiny was
the Red sea and their fear.
“Poured out”
Pastor Joel Fairley | August 26th, 2012

Rebekah Fairley shares her testimony as to how she was used by the Lord in Durango Mexico this
“What's the Plan?”
Pastor Joel Fairley | September 2, 2012

Sometimes we are so intent on wanting to know the plan, that we don’t realize that God has a plan for us
that is designed to give us a Hope for the future, even if He is not forth coming with the details of that plan.
“Here is Water…”- Part 1
Pastor Joel Fairley | September 9, 2012

Believer’s Baptism is one the earliest sacraments of the early church. To be baptized into Christ is to
identify ourselves as on who belongs fully and completely to God.
“Here is Water…”- Part 2
Pastor Joel Fairley | September 16, 2012

A celebration of Baptizing believer’s into Christ
“For Those Who Are Called”
Pastor Joel Fairley | September 23, 2012

Looking again at a great promise.
“A Gospel Home Companion”
Pastor Joel Fairley | September 30, 2012

Pastor Joel shares the News from Lake Galilee
Pastor Brian Fairley | October 7, 2012

Pastor Joel’s brother shares from his own journeys
“a hundredfold - Part 1
The Sower Sows the Word...
Pastor Joel Fairley
October 14, 2012

In the parable of the sower we see how
the availability of God’s Word is given to
us by the dispersion of the Holy Spirit.
“a hundredfold - Part 2
That Which Fell Along the Path
Pastor Joel Fairley
October 21, 2012

Like the seed that does not
penetrate the hard service of a foot
path, a heart that is hard and
resistant to the Word is vulnerable
to the influences of the enemy.
“a hundredfold - Part 3
The One's on Rocky Ground
Pastor Joel Fairley
October 28, 2012

As in some soils when Rocks are present
when a seed is planted in it, there can be  
strong-holds in our own lives that can inhibit
the growth of God’s word in us. These
“rocks” keep us from experiencing the full
fruit of God’s Kingdom.
“a hundredfold - Part 4
Life in the Weeds
Pastor Joel Fairley
November 4, 2012

The weeds are elements in the soil that
influence the fruitfulness of the young plant.
What are the elements in the world which
are allowed to influence the fruitfulness of
God’s word in our lives?
Felix Quintanilla | November 11, 2012

Special guest speaker from the Beacon Light Mission.
“a hundredfold - Part 5
The Ones Who Hear the Word
Pastor Joel Fairley
November 18, 2012

“They Who Hear the Word”   “…But those
that were sown on the good soil are the
ones who hear the word and accept it and
bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a
“The Worth of Treasures Pearls and Quilts”
Pastor Joel Fairley | November 25, 2012

A new reminder of the truth ‘that it is more blessed to give, then to receive.
“Born for This”
Pastor Joel Fairley | December 2,  2012

A communion meditation focusing on the true purpose of Christ’s coming.
"Zechariah’s Blessed Silence"
Pastor Joel Fairley | December 9,  2012

In this story, God promises Zechariah a son who would become John the Baptist, the first witness of
"A Moment of Joy"
Pastor Joel Fairley | December 16,  2012

Sometimes the best that we can hope for in a life where wickedness reveals itself in unspeakable ways
are moments of great joy. In the coming of Christ those moments can be enough.
“From the Mouth of an Angel”
Pastor Joel Fairley | December 23,  2012

When the Angels appeared unto the shepherds with the news of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, they have
said more about Jesus then the world may realize.