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ministers, leaders
& staff
The following people make up our leadership team at FBCPV.  Please remember them in
prayer and contact them if you need help in the ministry areas they oversee.

Pastor, Dr. Richard Holt
Cell (562) 500-5093 | Office (310) 378-1253 | Richard.holtedd@gmail.com

Board of Elders
Tony Schilling (Chairman), Roxana Price, Tom Reed, Donnis Lantz

Tony Schilling (Chairman, Board of Elders), Eileen Tabares (Chairman of Finance)
Hope Reed (Treasurer), Dale Cauble (Financial Secretary), Victor Carbajal (Church Clerk)

Ministry Team Deacons
Olivia Truhlar (Education), Lynn Cauble (Worship), Donnis Lantz (Missions),
Vicki Balentine (Fellowship), Jackie Hitt (Outreach & Care),
Hope Reed (Decorations & Supplies)

Dr. James Hurd | (310) 645-0424 | jhorganist@aol.com

Eileen Tabares (Facility Coordinator)

American Baptist Women's Ministries
Eileen Tabares | FirstBaptistPV@yahoo.com

Office Administrator
Gina Figueroa | FirstBaptistPV@yahoo.com | Office (310) 378-1253